My little nine…

First post! This blog has been an idea since my little guy, Antonio, was 6 weeks old. Now, at  7 months, it’s finally happening.

How It Happened…

I was up late (or early) at 4:30am helping Antonio through a gassy night when he finally fell asleep on my chest. Lying there on the couch, I looked at the clock and knew that I wasn’t going back to bed anytime soon. All I had next to me was my iPad, so I occupied my new waking hours by searching for mom blogs. Being a new mom made me want to know about and connect with other moms.

During my first few weeks of motherhood, I quickly learned that my only waking-hours of pure, me-time would be when Antonio fell back asleep but before my husband left for work. I started taking the hour of between 6am-7am and searched for other moms to relate to…Mom*tog, Camille Styles, Hello Jack, Bluebird Vintage, Bluebird Kisses and Cheap & Chic Nursey…to name a few.

The Glow…

While I was pregnant, a friend had sent me a link to the Glow. Since I was her wedding photographer, she thought the Glow was a perfect mix of my current life, motherhood and photography. This was the first mom site I started following, and I fell in love with it. I felt connected to the moms featured and saw the blog as a glimpse of my future with Antonio.

Cup of Jo…

As a photog, I followed Joanna Goddard’s lifestyle blog, Cup of Jo, because she was connected to my favorite photographer, Max Wanger. Following Joanna’s blog led me to follow the birth of her son, Toby. Joanna has this great feature, Motherhood Mondays.  At 6am, I felt like Cup of Jo and I were friends, and if I needed any mom-advice, Joanna was just a blog comment away.

This Little Name…

In my head, I pretended I already started a blog to pass the time as I fed Antonio. In my daydream, all I needed was a name. Little Star was a contender, because “Twinkle, Twinkle” was a song Antonio liked, but it was taken.  ‘’ was my next option, but it was unavailable by the time I finally worked up the nerve to buy it. The domain site actually suggested ‘’. It made perfect sense, because my photography site is Number 9 Photography.  Number 9 is an ode to my favorite Beatle, and it takes 9 months of pregnancy to become a parent.  The number 9 is my number , and in a sense, Antonio was my ‘little nine’.

And here we are…

Antonio’s 7-month birthday is in a couple of days, so it’s fun to think of how far I’ve come since those first few weeks. Looking back on the last months, I would not have bought certain items (the Bjorn, the Bumbo) and would have invested in other items sooner (the jumper, a sling). Antonio has made me lean towards a more natural, organic and recycling lifestyle. Keep in mind normal me is a junk food junkie who would call the new me a hippie in a heartbeat.

On this blog, I’ll share firsts, milestones, sites, stores, products and of course, photography in this new phase of life. I’ll leave you with a quote from a person I never thought I would quote, but it means something to me.

When I became a mom, I finally became the person I am, that I always should have been,” -Jessica Alba (founder of the Honest Company)


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