Top Baby Names of 2012


I am a person of many lists (grocery lists, to-do lists, wishlists, books-I-wanna-read lists), so I love the end of the year when people come out with their Top lists. I just caught wind of the Baby Center Top 100  Baby Names of 2012, and I’m kind of proud to say that my son’s name did not make the list.

Antonio was born in April, and he’s named after my husband…that makes him Antonio Blanch V.  I’ve never known a fifth generation anything, so I knew this was my future son’s name when I signed my marriage license.  My husband goes by Tony and so does his dad and grandad, but I wasn’t keen on calling my son ‘little Tony’ or ‘baby Tony”. I grew up with a nickname and know firsthand that nicknames NEVER go away.  My older sister dubbed me ‘Sissy’, her sister.  Now in my thirties, even my husband calls me that, because he thinks it’s funny.

I will say that my girl name, Emma, is #2 on the list, but I still like it. I know, it’s a contradiction. My sister was flipping through a magazine and saw a designer ad with Emma Watson and then a Covergirl ad with Emma Stone when she suggested, “Emma!”. That night I imagined the name ‘Emma’ embroidered in green on a Pottery Barn Kids quilt. So the next go around…it’s still Emma Blanch.

How did you come up with your baby name? Anyone’s name make the list?