This Little Pinterest

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This weekend gave me some time to unwind and build This Little Nine’s Pinterest site. The goal to pin things that are modern, eco-friendly, affordable and available.

If an item sells out or is out of stock, I’ll make note on the item, but leave the pin for inspiration. The same goes for items that are from foreign shops or just crazy expensive. Think of our boards as an easy place to shop.

I’ve placed the boards into the basic categories…Sleep, Play and Wear, but I’ve also started theme boards such as Robots, Dino and Mod boards. Once the current holiday passes, boards like our Valentines and Presidential boards will go away until next year. My favorite board so far is the Easter board. Start pinning…Enjoy!

Pro-Choice from a Pro-Blogger


One of the reasons I started this blog was to comment on conversations affecting mothers/women of today. Motherlode is a NY Times parenting blog I follow…not because i like it but because I like the topics. Yesterday, Motherlode’sĀ post tackled a subject I’ve often wondered about…prochoice from a Roe vs. Wade, activist era point-of-view.

In my early 20s, I was dubbed a feminist because of my prochoice views and told I would feel differently when I became a mother. Now that I’m a mother, I’m still prochoice, but pregnancy news feels different now. It’s not a political statement, it’s a new life. Here’s the quote that drew me into Motherlode’s post…

“But something changed once I became a mother. Pregnancy went from Scarlet Letter to the Holy Grail-something deeply desired and no longer feared”

Somewhere in your thirties or when you decide you want to be a mom, pregnancy is no longer a stop sign but rather a green light. Motherlode’s post describes mom-friends that turn to abortion as a choice and the emotions that accompany wanting more children. Check out the post here.