2013…the baby bumps continue

When Kate and Prince William announced that they were expecting the next royal heir, I was beyond excited. However, it’s safe to say, (whether you agree or not) that Kim and Kanye’s news has blown this baby boom out of the water.

I never understood the baby gush until I had Antonio. It’s exciting to know that Kim, Kanye, Kate and Will are about to join my world. Their life will begin and end with diaper changes, and their conversations will be about ounces and poop color.

All in all, these moms are in the mist of 9 months of wonderful. Not wonderful, because I love being pregnant, but wonderful because life through a parent’s eye is like nothing else. May these moms new year be filled with burps, coos, cries and drools…Happy New Year!

kate middleton baby bump watch

Princess Kate and Prince William announced their joy in Nov. 2012 when Kate was hospitalized with morning sickness.

Kanye West revealed his baby mama at his concert on New Year’s Eve. Kim is in the beginning of her second trimester.

Busy announced her pregnancy to her Twitter fans with a pic of her pregnancy test…Clear Blue Easy should be happy.

Rochelle Wiseman, of the Saturdays, is expecting her first child with British actor, Marvin Humes

Jessica Simpson made her second baby announcement via Twitter on Christmas Day. Simpson and I gave birth one day apart. I kind of feel like me and Jessica are mom friends because of this! πŸ™‚

Cup of Jo’s, Joanne Goddard, just revealed her expecting news on her blog…Joanne was one of my mom-go-to blogs when Antonio was born.


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