Happy Groundhog’s Day…, the wind, a dog and a onesie!

It’s Feb. 2nd, and according to the groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, it’s going to be an early spring.    Doing some groundhog shopping, I came across this Bill Murray onesie from the etsy shop, Truly Sanctuary. I have to say…I love this shop! Run by Ron and Beth Remsberg, they describe themselves as an offbeat couple that escaped the rat race. Now living in Nashville, TN, they share their lives with two little ones, Truly and Normandy.

If you really want to support this shop, read their story first. Their shop truly started (pun intended) when Beth made a ‘Cheer Up, Daddy’ onesie to cheer Ron up when he had to work instead of spend 4th of July with his family. 

The Bill Murray onesie inspired me to look for other Phil-inspired stuff. Here’s looking forward to an early spring.



2 thoughts on “Happy Groundhog’s Day…, the wind, a dog and a onesie!

  1. I LOVE TrulySanctuary! I got my 3 year old a toddler-sized Bob Dylan shirt from them for Christmas and it. is. awesome. Crazy kudos to their shop, it’s offbeat, retro, and perfect for parents who don’t want to put their kids in the same old thing everybody else is wearing.

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