Wear and Tear: Truly Sanctuary Tees

photo by Number 9 Photography

photo by Number 9 Photography

Wear and Tear is my term for products we review. Sure, things look good in a shop or on the web, but how do they really measure up?

I found Truly Sanctuary when I was writing the Groundhog’s Day post. Beth and Ron’s story was something I loved and wanted to share, so they sent me a couple of tees to test out.

If you don’t read the rest of the review, just know this…I will buy more from this shop. Now, read why:

Wear: The tee itself runs small to size. Antonio wears 18mos size clothes in most brands with some extra room. Truly Sanctuary tees have little stretch room, so my advice…size it up.

Tear: Since it was an exact fit, I was afraid to wash and dry it. I washed it in cold and hung it to dry (to be on the safe side). Even after hanging it to dry the darker colors on the dino shirt seemed to fade a bit, but not so much that anyone noticed. I love the designs so much that I wanted to preserve them.

Overall: I love designs Beth and Ron have put forth. This company is a true original, and their colorful tees that look like works of graffiti-art rather than kid dribble. They are happy tees to have. The designs far outweigh the less-than-perfect fit.


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