Gosling, Mendes and a one-year old


You have plenty of reasons to go and see the new Ryan Gosling movie, but who knew one of those reasons would be that it’s a family flick. Not a take-your-small-children type of flick, but a story about a young family and how the past haunts their future. I was shocked how hard the story hit me. The movie focuses around Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper’s one-year old sons and their fate in relation to their parents lives.

Next week I will be the parent of a one-year old, and we’ve been talking about traditions, college funds and what kind of man we want to raise. The movie touches on all of these topics, but mostly it takes a look at the parents lives and how much is in and beyond our control. Check out  A Place Beyond the Pines and let me know what you think as a parent.

Will you hate Liotta’s character too? Do you think they made Eva’s character too rough? And do you love Gosling and Cooper even more after this movie?


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