Co-sleeping…It happens to the rest of us too!

From the start, I swore up and down that we would not sleep with a baby in the bed. Nothing against co-sleeping…besides that it’s hippie-dippie, for breast-feeders only and 10yr-olds that can’t handle the dark.

At least that’s what I thought until I ran across this funny book from How To Be a Dad. I saw the cover and laughed out loud, because I realized that was an illustration of us about three times a week.

Just the other day, my husband pointed out that we only sleep miles a part when our son sleeps sideways in between us. I know that’s the definition of co-sleeping, but it’s not how we started out.

First we started with putting him to sleep in the crib. Then we moved, and he got his own room. Now, our 1yr old has taken to waking up at 3am screaming to get out of the crib. Sleep deprivation led us to drag him to our bed in the middle of the night. It’s the only way for us all to go back to sleep sometimes. This doesn’t happen every night, so I would call us “part-time co-sleepers”.

Here’s our current co-sleeping position. Hopefully, he’s not in our bed forever, but I’m in no rush to push him out either.



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