Instagram Babe: Londy Loo

Since becoming a mother, I like to follow and find other parents on the web…twitter, blogs, pinterest and especially Instagram. I’m a photographer, so it’s natural for me to want to know other moms through photos.

Usually, bloggers share their Instagram pics of the week, but I’d rather share my favorite families of the web. One of my current favorites is London Ray, better known as #londyloo (user: realbrookwhite). She is the 1-yr. old daughter of American Idol alum, Brooke White. I watched Brooke on Idol. I voted for Brooke on Idol.

I stumbled across Brooke’s Instagram page, when I posted a pic with the hash tag #girlswithglasses. Brooke is part of a group who are thick, framed diehards. She posts fun glasses pics…and then I found out that she was a new mom like me. Our babies were born a month apart. So as I watched for Antonio’s first-year milstones, Instagram allowed me to follow London’s progress too.

It been fun watching her grow, and she even introduced me to baby skinny jeans. He are some of my London favorites.

See the Brooke and London style series #MeandMyLoo @thegwgshow














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