Cool Coloring Books for Kids

Now that Antonio is almost a year and a half, I’ve been trying to teach him how to color. So far he taps the paper, inspects the crayon and then, tries to eat it. Pretty soon, he’ll get it, and I’d like to get him something artistic and non-gender specific to color on.

Here’s a few of my favorites (that don’t involve princesses, talking cars or angry birds)


here’s the inside pages…3122-natural-wonders-ammo716_8charley harper cover

the inside of Charley Harper…I’m always curious at what the inside looks like.
charley harper pg


this is Washington Square from the NYC book


eric carle……..

What We’re Reading Now…

Me an my (16-month old) toddler both like to read. He “reads” in his crib at bedtime, and I read after he goes to bed. I try to update his library as much as I do mine. He gets new books, and I make good use of my library card. During the month, I’ll pick a book a week to read. My son, Antonio, usually picks his favorites each month.

Here’s what we’re reading for September

what we're reading 9.16

  1. Elevate the Everyday: A Photographic Guide to Picturing Motherhood by Tracey Clarke (of Shutter Sisters, This is one of the first books I’ve come across that combines photography and motherhood. The book more of an inspirational/learning guide for the beginner photographer. Most of the chapters are camera setting tutorials then real photo demonstrating the lesson.
  2. The Paris Wife by Paula McLain, This book includes two things I love…Paris and Hemingway. The wife in the title refers to Ernest Hemingway’s first wife, Hadley Richardson and the time they spent together in France in the 1920s. I’ve seen this show up on many book club lists, so I decided to give it a try.
  3. Clean Gut by Alejandro Junger M.D., After reading Jessica Alba’s The Honest Life last month, I came across this book that goes a little deeper into clean eating. The book is supposed to be complete toolkit for eliminating the root cause of disease and sustaining life-long health. I figure I should learn about the subject since I make 80% of Antonio’s meals.
  4. Turn Around Bright Eyes, Rob Sheffield, Being a pop music junkie, I’m a huge fan of music books, reference, biographical or fiction related. Sheffield’s previous books tackle the subjects of life and love as they relate to his obsession with popular music. His new book takes that love into kareoke bars. I can’t carry a tune, but I love songs lyrics. This book should be a fun read.
  • Rhyme and Discover Book by Vtech, A friend of ours handed this book down to Antonio since he is crazy about push button toys. He plays with this book every night in his crib, and it’s the first thing he picks up when he wakes up. Lots of lights and sounds…plus, the first page plays his favorite song, Twinkle, Twinkle…Little Star
  • My Fold Out Words by Priddy Books, I picked this out for Antonio to practice his first words. He likes to handle the book himself while I name and point. The book is an accordion fold layout that can spread across the floor. The pictures are clear and not to cluttered or babyish.
  • Peek A Who by Nina Laden, we’ve had this book for a while, but he just not got into it. When we read it, he listens the more animated I am, and he likes to turn the pages. It’s a peek a boo book that ends with a mirror for him to see himself. He loves this part!

Natural Nursery with homemade Texas flair

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