Natural Nursery with homemade Texas flair

As a wedding photographer, one of the things I get to do is follow couples as they start their families.  It’s always exciting to hear that the couple has a new little person in their life.  Part of a newborn session includes taking detailed pics of the nursery.  I’m always inclined to share a great nursery when I see one.  This nursery belongs to Eleanor Pecorino. Here’s what her mother, Melissa,  had to say about the design and inspiration behind this room.

What was your nursery inspiration?

I love design and was so excited to be able to design a nursery from scratch! I didn’t want a specific theme for the nursery, but instead a simple, modern design. I like the existing wall color and decided early on that regardless of gender, I would keep the color, and add in a mostly neutral palate. I didn’t want to overwhelm the room with color, knowing that once the artwork, books and toys were there, it could get busy. Once we knew we were having a girl, I added a pop of coral!

Nora Newborn-1

Nora Newborn-12 Nora Newborn-4
Where did you shop when planning the nursery (online, pinterest, etc.)?

I did spend some time on Pinterest and baby/nursery themed blogs when looking for inspiration. I found most of the artwork, along with one of the hoops, at a couple of local Etsy/craft shows. It turns out that they are all from the same local artist, who also has an Etsy shop called Feb10design ( I got the custom ABC typography poster that includes Eleanor’s name from Made By Girl (

Nora Newborn-11 Nora Newborn-5

How much of the room was DIY?

We are no strangers to DIY. We’ve renovated our entire house over the past three years, doing most of the work ourselves. When it came to the nursery, it was our favorite and most personal project. Almost everything in the room was repurposed, a Craigslist purchase, or something that we DIY’d. We are always on the lookout for unique pieces, and it is a bonus if they are inexpensive too. We purchased the Jenny Lind crib from Craigslist, along with the mid-century modern dresser. The dresser was in ok shape, but definitely showed its age. I cleaned it up and painted the outside gray, and the inside of the drawers are coral. To soften up the piece, I added knobs from Anthropologie. The knobs ended up costing more than the dresser did, but they were the perfect touch.

Nora Newborn-8

Nora Newborn-2 Nora Newborn-3 Nora Newborn-13

I had a hard time finding a rocker for the room, as I don’t like the way most of the rockers and gliders look, and the ones I did like were just too expensive. We found a chair and ottoman at Ikea and made it into a rocker by adding the rocker base to the bottom of the chair.

Nora Newborn-7

For the bookshelves, I used Ikea spice racks that were $3.99 each, and painted them gray to match the dresser.  The curtains were repurposed from my office. When I was searching for crib bedding, I just didn’t find anything I liked. Luckily West Elm still sells the curtain panels, so I just bought one more and made the bed skirt out of it myself.

Nora Newborn-16

Favorite piece in the nursery?

I have two favorites – the dresser and the mirror. The room is small, so I wanted a piece that could serve as the changing table, along with providing extra storage. I love mid-century furniture, and just had to have this when I came across it on Craigslist for just $65! The mirror is very special, as it has been in my mother’s side of the family for generations. If you look closely it is very aged. I’ve been begging my mother to give it to me for years now, and finally we’ve found the perfect spot for it!

Photography by Number 9 Photography

Photography by Number 9 Photography

Where did you get the following items:

Bookshelf: Target

Chair & Footstool:  Ikea

Drapes: West Elm’s Ikat Ogee Panels

Owl: Pier One Imports

Crib: Jenny Lind Crib purchased on Craigslist

Willie Nelson doll: On New Year’s Eve, while seven months pregnant, we went to Willie’s New Year’s Eve show. Every little Texan needs a Willie doll!

Rug: Ikea 

Book holders: DIY bookshelves are Ikea spice racks 

Mirror: The mirror was passed down from my mother and has been in my family for years.

Nora Sign: My best friend Lindsey surprised us with the name sign just after Nora was born. It is so special to us because she made it herself, and it contains the lyrics to The Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love,” which was sort of our wedding theme.


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