My first ebook


It’s 5am…I’m 31weeks pregnant…I can’t sleep and neither can my somersaulting baby. After playing solitaire and messing around with Netflix and Pinterest, I decided to make better use of my time. I’m starting my first ebook. I can read in bed, and I’m tired of waiting for the actual books on my reading list to hit the local library. The ebook is a library option that I’ve avoided, because I’m an old-schooler that loves holding an actual book in my hand.

After starting a family, I started making use of my library card to save money. Now motherhood and pregnancy have led me to trying ebooks. Every time I check a book out from the library, I have to wrestle it away from Antonio who thinks every book in the house is his. The last book I read took me 6 weeks to finish and $10 in overdue fees. No much savings happening there.

For a while, I’ve been anti-Kindle and anti-Nook. I just love the smell and feel of actual books. I know I may be the last person on the planet to read ebooks, but my time has come. I already watch movies, listen to music and read my blogs and articles online…my books were the last chip to fall.

This summer, I’ve been into reading comedy books (written by comedians),so I’m excited to start Jim Gaffigan’s book about parenting and fatherhood. During my last pregnancy, I read Jenny McCarthy’s Belly Laughs“. It was relatable, but more crude than funny.

So far, the ebook download was easy. I’m not disturbing any sleepers with my iPad light. Here’s to a good read…at least until I can fall back asleep.


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