Our first day home…the necessities


I’m happy to announce that I had my baby girl over Labor Day weekend. She was a week early but couldn’t have come too soon for me. This being the second child…we thought we had all our bases covered, but you never do. For new moms, I wanted to share what she actually used in the 24 hours from leaving the hospital until this morning. Most of the stuff we had or were given at the shower. The only thing I should have bought was #5 (the Art Baby Cards). Last night, she wanted to stare at the bassinet wall, so I gave her some of Antonio’s flashcards to look at for the meantime. I’m definitely getting her the art cards soon!

I was most surprised that I liked the make and designs of a lot of Carter’s items. The outfit , gloves a and swaddle blanket set…we got at our shower.

For her going home outfit, we made the mistake of originally packing a dressing gown for her then realized that we would have to hike it up to get her in the car seat for the ride home. We had to change it to these pjs with footsies.

When Antonio was born, I drifted towards brands like Aden&Anais, Gerber, Circo & independent companies. This time around I guess, I’ve changed my tune.

We also use the Pampers brand because that’s what the hospital used on her, and we have a ton of them from our diaper shower. When those run out, I might try the Honest diapers.

1) Fresh new baby (Stella born 8.30.14)

2) Life Factory 4oz. glass bottle w/size 1 nipple

3) Carter’s Hot Air Ballon Swaddle blanket set

4) Chicco Car Seat in Aster (Part of our KeyFit 30 Stroller Set)

5) Wee Gallery’s Art Cards for Baby (contrast pictures that cater to baby’s visual development)

6) Pampers Swaddlers (size NB)

7) Fisher Price Neutral Bassinet (her sleeping quarters for the next couple of months)

8) Carter’s White Gloves (to prevent scratching)

9) Carter’s Crab Print Sleep ‘n’ Play (size Newborn)


Fall Wishlist …for my toddler

Today, I’m going to have a fun day shopping for Antonio’s fall wardrobe. I’ve been buying a shirt here and there, but tomorrow I’ll be searching for the deals and stylish toddler items. I’ll be sure to tweet my finds. Just like shopping for my clothes, I often pin an inspiration board of key items I’m looking for. Here are some of my inspiration pieces and wish list.


Pins of the Week: Sweaters

as seen on Pinterest (thislittlenine)

as seen on Pinterest (thislittlenine)

Even though it’s 100 degrees here in Texas,  I’ve been obsessed with finding new fall fashions…particularly sweaters. It could be wishful thinking. In the retail world it’s already October, and I’m excited by what’s new and creative in sweater choices. It’s so hard to find good designs when the cold weather is actually here.

I believe dinos are the sharks of the fall. I’ve been seeing foxes everywhere, and I love the elbow pad trend. I narrowed down my favorite sweater pins here. Happy Inspiration!

(Pins can be found on our Boys Wear, Girls Wear, Robot and Dino boards)