Fall Wishlist …for my toddler

Today, I’m going to have a fun day shopping for Antonio’s fall wardrobe. I’ve been buying a shirt here and there, but tomorrow I’ll be searching for the deals and stylish toddler items. I’ll be sure to tweet my finds. Just like shopping for my clothes, I often pin an inspiration board of key items I’m looking for. Here are some of my inspiration pieces and wish list.


The Start of Summer!

Photo by Number 9 Photography

Photo by Number 9 Photography

Today’s the summer solstice, and for those of us without school children, it’s the start of summer. Parents with older kids will probably argue that summer started once school let out. Whenever your summer started, enjoy the longest day of the year. Antonio and I are confined to the house. It seems that we caught a cold together…his first and my first in a long time.

So I’ll leave you with a pic of what we’d rather be doing. This is from Antonio’s first pool experience last month. The pool was a 1st birthday gift from his aunt. Here’s to more pool days in our future. In Texas, pool days last through early Fall. Happy Summer!